About J. W. Wright

Who is J. W. Wright?


 Jason Wright grew up in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, a small town about an hour northwest of Philadelphia. As a child, he loved to run around in the various wooded areas around his house, and it was in those woods that he began to develop his desire to tell stories.  He would tell his friends about all of the scary things that he saw in the woods. His love for telling scary stories progressed until he was about twelve years old and was taken to his grandparents cabin in Potter County, Pennsylvania. This is where he truly figured out that he wanted to tell scary stories for a living.

He carried his love of the woods and the unknown into his adult years and joined the United States Navy, where he wrote many stories while on deployment. He used his Post 9/11 GI Bill to attend Full Sail University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment in September 2014. He is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University to obtain his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Online Teaching of Creative Writing certification.

Jason is the proud father of three wonderful boys named Brendon, Benjamin and Lincoln. He also has beautiful wife named Jennifer. They currently reside in East Greenville, Pennsylvania.

You can check out Jason's story "Twelve-Thirty-Seven" in the anthology book Lost Tales from the Mountain published by Mountain Springs House. In addition, feel free to browse through the multitude of short stories, scripts, and blog posts on this site.

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