Professional Writing Services

 Are you struggling with finding the right words to use to promote your product or business?

Do you want to find someone who can provide you with excellent written copy for an affordable price?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would like to offer my services to 


I have many years of experience creating thoughtful, error-free writing.  Whether you need some marketing copy, a short-story, or a fun blog post, I will ensure your project is completed correctly and well within the deadline.

When I am not working on a short story or novel, I do freelance writing for small businesses in Pennsylvania, meeting individually with the business owners to write them highly visible marketing copy in order to promote their businesses.  My writing has been seen by thousands of readers and has helped to drive sales and increase profitability in my clients businesses.

I am currently attending graduate school to obtain my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University.  In 2014 I earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

If you are interested in getting your work completed by a professional writer who loves what he does, contact me today.  I look forward to providing you 5-star service.

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Cell Phone:  267-529-6699 

Services and Rates

Basic Copyediting

Do you need your writing or manuscript reviewed in order to ensure it is flawless?  With this service we will work together to ensure your writing is error free, accurate, and purpose driven.  Select this option if you just need to fine-tune your already finished draft.

Service Rate: $35 per hour


Have a finished product and don’t want it changed but you still want that “extra set of eyes” on it to ensure it’s absolutely perfect before sending it out?  Let me look over your writing and give it those final proofing touches before you send it to the final destination.

Service Rate: $30 per hour

Website Content and Blog Posts

Are you looking for someone who is able to write quality content for yourself or your business, while still maintaining your “voice”?  I will work with you to write you highly visible blog posts that are guaranteed to help increase traffic and sales for your business.  

Service Rate: $40 per hour

General Content Writing

No matter what your writing needs, we can talk about writing great content for you.  Whether you need articles, presentations, product notes, or even a short story, I can help.  Let’s talk about your writing needs today.

Service Rate: $40 per hour

Copyediting and Personal Coach

Do you have a great idea but you need a little bit of help to give it that special something?  With this option we will work together and develop a plan for your work.  This will be done in order to ensure your writing is flawless.  Many things will be refined, fine-tuned, and reworked.  This service is recommended for someone who feels that their writing isn’t quite ready for final draft stages.  We will work together to ensure readability, accuracy, spelling and grammar and more.  Select this option if you would like a dedicated coach to work with you one on one as we breathe new life into your story.
Service Rate: $50 per hour


Maybe you have a fantastic idea for a book or story and you are having a hard time putting it into words.  That’s where I come in.  We will work together to formulate a great story from your ideas.  I will write the story or book and you will receive the full writing and publishing credit.  Lets talk about bringing your amazing ideas to life today!

Service Rate: $50 per hour